Suit Up for Warm Weather Weddings

Suit Up for Warm Weather Weddings
Post by Trunk Club
May 9, 2019

It’s that time of year again! Spring and summer are prime time for weddings, so if your fridge is covered with save the dates, then we’re here to help. What should you wear? It all depends on if you find yourself on the beach or in a ballroom. We’re going over how to dress for three different kinds of weddings.

Garden party

Outdoor weddings are the perfect opportunity to be playful with your wardrobe. Feel free to opt for a light linen suit and a button-down with a fun pattern. It’s almost as if linen suits were created for these occasions. They’re lightweight and breathable as you might expect, but they’re surprisingly durable, too. In fact, linen is 30 percent more durable than cotton.

Classic cocktail

If the wedding invitation says “cocktail attire,” that leaves a lot to the imagination. As a rule, always wear a jacket. But instead of a black suit, choose bright navy for a modern, sophisticated look. Whether or not you want to wear a tie is up to you; if you’re unsure, it’s always better to overdress. A simple pocket square and a great watch will never fail you.

Black-tie magic

If you have a tuxedo, a black-tie wedding is the time to wear it. But it’s not your only outfit option. You can also wear tuxedo pants with a dinner jacket, which allows you to play more with color. Despite the name of the dress code, there’s no need to keep everything black. Dinner jackets come in lots of colors—blue or burgundy are popular for spring and summer events, but they’re fair game to wear all-year round.

Now that you’re prepped for all of your summer weddings, explore The Stylist for more outfit inspiration.

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