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What to Wear During Tailgate Season

October 1, 2018

What to Wear During Tailgate Season
Trunk Club

Not every guy is a paint-your-face-and-chest kind of football fan. We get that. So if you choose to wear clothes on game day, we put together a couple of smart options to help you show your team pride. Each look gets progressively warmer, showing you how to add on layers as you get further into the season.

Sometimes the best tailgates are in someone’s living room, beer in one hand, foam finger on the other. For those situations, comfort is key. Slim-straight jeans are great for lounging, and a plaid shirt in your team’s colors is a good way to go. Since the colors can get a little loud (we’re partial to orange and navy, since Trunk Club HQ is in Chicago), feel free to temper the vibe with a neutral layer. Bombers have the perfect balance of style and athletic appeal.

If you’re headed outside to tailgate, first of all, may the weather be in your favor. But secondly, you’ll want to layer up. There’s nothing worse than showing up in a long-sleeve tee for an afternoon game, only for the temps to drop once the sun goes down. So start with the tee, then bring along a hoodie and a vest for late-in-the-season games.

Style tip:

 If you’re planning to layer, make sure you’re not covering up your team’s colors. We recommend colorful sneakers, scarves, or outerwear.

We’ve already established that layers are your friend, but here’s how to do it. Choose pieces that are thin yet hard working, like a quilted vest or pullover. The feathers and down within the quilting retain heat and are compact ways to keep toasty. When you have thin layers, it’s easy to tuck everything underneath a top coat or puffer when the chill really sets in. Cold-weather accessories like gloves and a hat are easy ways to show off your team spirit.


At Trunk Club, our stylists help people build their best wardrobes by discovering what fits their body, their budget, and their personal style.