3 Men’s Fall Style Trends for 2019

Make an impression—these trends are too cool to blend into the background.

 Men’s trendy fall clothing
Post by Trunk Club
September 5, 2019

As you start thinking about what to make your go-to fall uniform, considering mixing it up a little with some items you might not normally reach for. We identified three trends for you that are easy to incorporate into your closet. Check them out:

 Preppy printed men’s collared shirts

Preppy prints

Why we love it: The fall always reminds us of back to school season so it’s only natural that we include prep school inspired prints—like plaid and argyle—into our closets.

How to wear it: Patterned shirts are the number one item to have if you’re a layering guy. Worn under a jacket or sweater, they make your top layers pop. But preppy prints aren’t limited to shirts, try them on a pair of work pants, joggers, or a pair of argyle socks.

Color blocking

Why we love it: It’s bold. You might think color blocking would chop up your frame into odd sections but, when placed proportionately, it’s very flattering.

How to wear it: The simplest way to create the look is to stick to solid-colored items and layer them. If you’re feeling a little more advanced, find items with color blocking within the same piece.

 Color blocked sweater with plaid pants and white sneakers

Leather accessories

Why we love it: There’s really nothing cooler than a great leather jacket. It’s the right amount of edginess without going full Greased Lightning.

How to wear it: You know your go-to casual Friday outfit? Just throw on a leather jacket. A third piece immediately makes the look on trend for fall. And don’t skimp on the small things either. Leather is expected on shoes, but just a patch on the heel is a sleek detail you can’t miss.

With every new season comes brand new fall trends. Message your stylist to try any of these three in your next Trunk.

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