What to Pack for Memorial Day Weekend Travel

What to Pack for Memorial Day Weekend Travel
Post by Trunk Club
April 18, 2019

Cheers to the spirit of Memorial Day (and the day off from work that goes along with it). Lots of people take trips for the long weekend, are you heading anywhere? We’ve pulled together three looks for three types of long weekend vacations: a lake house, a city trip, and time outside camping.

Lake house outfit.

Lake house chillin'

Cannonball into the lake house aesthetic with short-sleeve shirts in on-theme prints such as fish, beer bottles, or sail boats. It’s okay to have a little fun with your look—you’re on vacation! Speaking of vacations, let’s talk about sun protection. In addition to good ol’ SPF, bring along a pair or two of sunglasses and a hat. That glare off the lake will getcha if you’re not prepared

Big city weekend

If you look at it, this outfit is pretty much your standard jeans/tee/sneakers look, but it’s stepped up to fit in downtown. There’s something about black denim that always makes an outfit edgier, and a city visit usually calls for just that. Take these shoes as an example, too. Green is inherently a spring-y color, but in a muted tone inspired by the city, it’s a bit more street style.

City outfit
Camping outfit

The great outdoors

If your Memorial Day weekend plans are looking outdoorsy, here’s what to pack: a couple T-shirts or short-sleeve henleys, some jeans, and hiking boots or sneakers. You might also want to bring a nature-proof backpack if you’re going to be out all day. It’s the best way to explore hands-free on a hike or camping trip.

So whether your Memorial Day Weekend is spent downtown or outside, you’ll know what to wear.

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