Inspired by Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns

Inspired by Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns
Post by Trunk Club
November 14, 2018

Everyone’s favorite nanny is back and as magical as ever. Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns brings the titular character—played this time around by Emily Blunt—into an arguably more fashionable space, trading the original film’s more theatrical costumes for chic 1930s-style ensembles. Tasked with updating Mary Poppins’ signature look was Sandy Powell, a three-time Academy Award–winning costume designer known for her work on Shakespeare in Love and The Aviator.

To put a twinkle in your eye (and wardrobes, too), we asked Sandy to curate a modern collection inspired by the film. Want to emulate Mary Poppins’ style? Keep reading to see picks inspired by Mary Poppins Returns, in theaters December 19.

Prim and proper

The always polished-to-perfection Mary Poppins wears a combination of pencil skirts and blouses. Though these timeless classics have proven to stand the test of time, Sandy is giving this look a modern twist. A silk blouse with a tie neckline feels feminine and never fails to command attention in a bright red hue or bold striped pattern. Tucked into a skirt with pleated detailing, you have a look that is every bit sophisticated as it is stylish.

Always practical

Mary Poppins Returns is based in dreary London, which means a coat is almost always necessary. With this in mind, Sandy (a London native) has a number of fashionable and functional options to help warm up your winter looks. Classic black and light gray are wardrobe staples, but don’t be afraid to infuse personality into your outerwear with richer tones, such as a deep navy.

A touch of whimsy

Mary Poppins always has a pearl of wisdom to share, and while she never gave us a lesson on fashion per se, her personal style speaks volumes. Through her accessories, she shows us that style is all about your attitude. Hats with sprigs of flowers, large quirky bows, a parrot umbrella, and magical carpet bag are all quintessential parts of her outfits. For that same feel with a modern finish, Sandy incorporates fun patterns like polka dots and unapologetically bold colors in accessories like berets and booties. A sleek tote bag and pair of gloves are the final touches on an extraordinary look.

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