5 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day from Afar

Just because you can't be there doesn't mean you can't send the best gift.

Family sitting in front of a laptop together

Whether Dad is mere minutes or many miles away, you'll probably be celebrating Father's Day virtually. But despite the physical distance, there are plenty of ways to party—it just requires some creative thinking.

Need help? We've outlined seven thoughtful ways you can make fathers feel special, even if you're only there in spirit.

Father's day meal delivery

1. Arrange a dinner delivery

A happy stomach usually equals a happy father, and a delicious dinner is the ticket to both. You have a couple of options here. The first is to contact local restaurants to see if they're delivering (some may even have Father's Day specials). Another option is to arrange a shipment of raw foods, like lobster, steaks, or fresh pasta, that Dad can have fun cooking at home. Make this Father's Day gift extra special by also sending table linens, a set of dishes or cutlery, and a handwritten note.

2. Help him elevate his style 

Even if your dad already has a great sense of style, you can always help him take it up a notch or two. If you have a good feel for his personal taste, lean into that. Solid picks might include a pair of summer loafers or sneakers, a high-quality leather belt that pairs easily, or a versatile button-down in a timeless print that he'll be able to wear for years. You could even splurge on a statement watch or pair of sunglasses. (For inspiration, check out this summer capsule wardrobe for men.) And if you're unsure of Dad's style—or if he is—our Nordstrom Trunk Club stylists can help.

3. Give him a project to work on

What is it with dads and tinkering? Giving him a new toy to play with is never a bad idea. Some new home audio equipment is a solid choice, as are bar accessories or coffee makers. If cooking is his passion, a new wok, roasting pan, or Dutch oven will satisfy. 

Home office

4. Upgrade his office setup

With more of us working from home than ever—and with many businesses toying with the idea of making this a permanent change—having a killer at-home office setup is a must. Inspire dad to lift his office game, whether it's new wireless headphones, an ergonomic desk chair, a large plant to brighten the space, or a sleek bookshelf to strategically display his books and awards.

5. Send something sentimental

Sometimes the best way to tug at your dad's heartstrings is to get sentimental. Maybe it's an art project from the kids or grandkids that you have professionally framed. Or a leather-bound book of carefully curated images from over the years. For extra brownie points, print a series of photographs on quality card stock and pen a small but heartfelt note on each, then place them inside a glass or wooden photo box and have it delivered to his door.