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How to Wear Short-Sleeve Button-Downs

May 3, 2018

How to Wear Short-Sleeve Button-Downs
Trunk Club

Solid long-sleeve shirts are great for work, but what should you wear when you’re ready to let loose? We love patterned short-sleeve button-downs for the spring and summertime. And even though it’s a small detail, we believe that whether or not you tuck your shirt makes a big difference in an outfit.

Short-sleeve button-down look for men


Wearing neutral shorts or pants lets you play with patterns on your shirt. And if you decide to tuck it in, complete your outfit with a complementary shoe and belt combo. Think of the tuck as your go-to move for a more polished look.


This outfit is easy, breezy summertime—bright shorts, an interesting but subtle shirt worn untucked, and slip-on sneakers. This combination has graduation parties or backyard BBQs written all over it.

Short-sleeve button-down look for men


At Trunk Club, our stylists help people build their best wardrobes by discovering what fits their body, their budget, and their personal style.