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Magnetic Collar Stays: Your Defense Against Floppy Collars

  • Writer: Joe Jarvis

Collar Stays Trunk Club Menswear Style Chicago Fashion

As of today, we’re about 10 games into the NBA regular season, and dressing weather is in full swing. While both these occurrences are certainly happy ones, they do share a common downside: flopping.

The end-to-end excitement of basketball is occasionally interrupted by the decidedly unsportsmanlike practice of flopping, in which players simulate contact to trick referees into calling fouls. As for the weather, cooler temperatures mean it’s layering season, which creates the possibility of a wayward shirt collar flopping outside a sweater or blazer.

Collar Stays Trunk Club Menswear Style Chicago Fashion

While we at Trunk Club remain powerless over basketball-related chicanery, we do have a solution for unruly collars, as you can see in the after / before photo above. The secret is magnetic collar stays. One of our stylists recently discovered these useful tools, and he had this to say:

“Using the stays I was able to get way more out of my current wardrobe. I have shirts with an open collar that I would never have worn with a blazer, but now I wear them all the time with collar stays, which create a clean line.” 

Collar Stays Trunk Club Menswear Style Chicago Fashion

A magnetic collar stay is a step up from the standard plastic variety often found inside dress shirts. In addition to the stay itself, which you insert directly into the collar, there’s a round magnet that can be placed anywhere inside the shirt, allowing you to adjust exactly how the collar rests.

Collar Stays Trunk Club Menswear Style Chicago Fashion

On-court flopping is unfortunately with us to stay, but you can defend against floppy collars by asking your stylist to include a pair of Trunk Club collar stays in your next trunk.

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