Quick Tips to Declutter Your Closet

Three easy ways to organize your closet this season.

Quick Tips to Declutter Your Closet

Look outside and it's obvious that summer's here—everyone's made the switch to warm-weather wardrobes. Now look inside your closet. Are you seeing summer there too? Spring is when we usually get the urge to organize, but early summer is the perfect time for a second pass. And while cleaning your closet may not sound quite as fun as getting out in the sun, our quick tips make it simple. Plus, they'll save you time tomorrow morning and for the rest of the season.  

Pick a System

If your closet is currently organized, you can go straight to the next step. If not, this is the time to decide on an organizational system that works for you based on the space you have. Consider grouping similar colors together, hanging garments based on length or combining items by category.

Next, take all your clothes out and wipe down your closet for a squeaky-clean start. Now's a great time to set aside anything that no longer fits, still has tags attached, or is stained, ripped or worn beyond repair. Read our tips on how to decide what to keep, donate or toss.

Sort by Season

Take the clothes you pulled from your closet and sort them into piles for summer, fall, winter and spring. Fold up winter items, including your duvet, and store them out of sight so you can curate your closet with warm-weather offerings. Before you pack away out-of-season items, be sure to wash anything that needs it. Avoid plastic dry cleaner bags as they'll trap in moisture—instead, hang items in breathable canvas garment bags.

Return your summer items to your closet, making sure the things you reach for most are front and center. Your spring and fall favorites can go further back, so they're still available for cooler days. Arrange everything so it faces the same direction so you can quickly see what you have.

Maximize Your Space

Hopefully you now have plenty of closet space for your summer clothes, but if it's still a squeeze you can get creative with your storage. If your closet has a hinged door, pick up some over-the-door organizers. A floating shelf on your bedroom wall is the perfect place for a stack of colorful sweaters. You can also hang your favorite accessories on a pegboard for an Insta-worthy display. 

To make the most of your drawer space, fold or roll your clothes so they stand up vertically. This reduces clutter and makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.