Caring for Clothing: Suits

From cleaning to storing, here’s a complete guide to caring for suits.

Caring for Clothing: Suits

Nothing makes an impression like a great custom suit. However, it can’t serve its purpose—which is making you look polished—if it’s not taken care of. And when you’re investing in a wardrobe staple that should last you for years, it’s worth the time and energy. We’ve outlined the most important things you need to know below, including a care kit that all suit-wearers should keep in their closet.

Wearing your suit

You may have a favorite, but wearing it too often will show in wear and tear. Have a few on rotation to give each suit time to air out and regain its shape.

You may want to keep your essentials close at hand, but avoid carrying too many items in your pockets that can stretch out linings, cause unsightly creases, and wear away seams overtime. Be sure your pockets are empty before you hang up your suit, too.

How often should you dry-clean a suit?

The main thing to remember: less is more. Dry-cleaning chemicals shorten a suit’s lifespan, so avoid a trip unless absolutely necessary. Instead, use a clothing brush to clear away dirt and food particles at the end of the day. Use short, quick strokes against the grain for effective upkeep.

Can you iron a suit?

Put the iron away, and use a steam cleaner to remove wrinkles and keep fabric looking smooth. Set it to the lowest heat setting, and steam your suit while it’s hanging. Avoid steaming in one place for too long.

How to store a suit

When you remove your suit, hang it up immediately on a wooden hanger. A day or two draped should be enough to banish light wrinkles.

To store seasonal suits, use a cloth garment bag that will allow air to circulate and the fabric to breathe. Never store your garments in plastic dry-cleaning bags. Keep them hanging in a cool, dry place, so they’ll be fresh and ready to go when you’re ready to wear them again.

Suit care kit:

Steam cleaner

Clothing brush

Wood hangers

Cloth garment bag

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