Activewear That Works as Hard as You

Activewear That Works as Hard as You
Post by Trunk Club
December 19, 2018

The clothing you wear matters—yes, even when you’re at the gym. Studies have found that clothes can actually affect your behavior and performance, giving weight to the “dress for success” cliché. So to help you keep strong with your resolutions, we’re sharing two strategic outfit formulas that make getting dressed for your workouts so easy.

Activewear for the gym.

In the gym

Workout clothes are specifically designed to keep you comfortable. Training T-shirts and athletic shorts made from synthetic materials like Lycra and polyester are great for wicking away moisture as you break a sweat. Neutral colors like black, gray, and white make it easy to mix and match all of your tops and bottoms with ease. For transit to and from the gym, throw on a hoodie to keep warm.

On the track

For days you prefer to ditch the treadmill and get your cardio on outdoors, we suggest covering up with long-sleeve performance tees and tapered pants. They’re designed to protect you from chilly temps while still keeping you cool as you crush your workout. For a boost in motivation, look to power colors like fiery red to help kick things up a notch.

Activewear for the track.

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