5 Gender-Inclusive Wardrobe Essentials

Stylish, comfortable clothes that anyone can wear.

A green trench coat, a striped button-up shirt, a tie-dyed T-shirt, faded jeans and a white high-top sneaker.

You know the best thing about fashion? There are really no rules, other than this: you can wear whatever you like. The increasing popularity of gender-inclusive clothes illustrates the point perfectly. Inclusion isn’t a new idea in the fashion world—the line that separates “men’s” and “women’s” style has faded many times as trends come and go. But now that line is blurrier than ever. And as nonconforming politics and presentation become more mainstream and demand grows, brands of all sizes are getting on board. This allows people to explore fashion more freely. 

The fashion industry has long favored this freedom. “Unisex” as a trend, term and attempt at inclusion first came into vogue in the ’60s, as a reaction to the strict gender roles that defined mainstream style in the 1950s. Yves Saint Laurent introduced his iconic tuxedo adapted to the female form and Pierre Cardin launched the collarless jacket that shook up men’s suiting standards, inspiring countless designers to keep pushing the boundaries all the way up to today.

While some designers in this space embrace the stereotypical extremes (even if it’s only to subvert them), today’s gender-fluid styles tend to be more about finding that middle ground between masculine and feminine. Rather than designing for a specific gender norm, brands are leaning on sizing and styling to accommodate different body types and gender identities. This removes some of the fit obstacles faced in the past and takes us back to the first (and only) rule of fashion—just wear what you like. 

When you factor in personal style, there are endless options for freeing up your closet. We’re here to get you started, with five essentials that’ll build a foundation for your gender-inclusive wardrobe.

A green trench coat with black buttons.

1. Trench Coat

It's easy to understand why the trench is an enduring classic—it looks good on all shapes and sizes, and nothing pulls an outfit together faster. Style aside, trench coats are practical too. Their neutral hues work with every outfit, and they're light enough to layer on all year long.    

2. Button-Up

Everyday dressing doesn't get easier than this. A button-up is casual perfection with denim, or you can dress it up with a vest and tie á la Annie Hall. Whether you prefer a trim, tailored fit or an oversized option, there's a cut that'll look and feel just right.    

A long-sleeve white button-up with skinny black stripes.
A brown tie-dyed T-shirt.

3. T-Shirt

T-shirts are the unsung heroes of your casual wardrobe, and a simple way to signal your personal style. Considering the amount of wear they get, it's worth investing some time to find true favorites—the perfect weight, length, cut and colors. Or better yet, let us find them for you.    

4. Jeans

Whether your dream denim is skinny, straight or loose, fit is the key to the perfect pair. Traditionally, men's and women's jeans fit differently in the rise, thighs and legs. That doesn't mean you can't wear them, just that you may need to try on a range of sizes both above and below your usual. To make it easy, we can send a Trunk full of jeans for you to try on at home.    

Jeans with a light, faded wash.
White high-top sneakers with tan accents.

5. Sneakers

White high-tops have been around forever, yet somehow they’re perpetually fresh. The minimalist aesthetic adapts to any look, so you can lace them up with suits, dresses, denim—whatever feels right for you.