4 Ways to Style Geometric Prints

4 Ways to Style Geometric Prints
Post by Trunk Club
June 20, 2018

Summer is the season for having some fun, so why not add a new print to your wardrobe? Geometric prints are great as graphic accents and come in a versatile range of shapes and motifs. They really pop when added to bathing suits, button-downs, and accessories. There's something for everyone—and every day of the week. Here's our guide to wearing geometric prints, whether your personal style leans toward crisp-corporate or life-of-the-party. 

Tie, socks and a dress jacket featuring geometric designs folded neatly on a blue background.

On the clock

Getting dressed for the office? Add a subtle print on a tailored sport coat or let your graphic socks peek out a little. A bold tie is another easy way to switch things up with an interesting angular motif.

Casual Friday

Weekend style is effortless to upgrade with dynamic prints and sharp angles. Opt for an all-over print with a geometric vibe, a graphic tee, or a cool checkered sneaker. Hint: ‘90s style cues are an instant win.

Checkered Vans sneakers paired with a folded collared shirt and black t-shirt printed with geometric designs laid flat on a blue background.
Summer active wear printed with geometric patterns folded and laid flat on a blue background.

Wild card

Bold contrast and sharp lines make for fresh style statements in printed swim shorts, active-inspired jackets, and even basics like joggers. Try the angular print trend out with these summer-ready athleisure favorites.

Instant classic

A timeless structure and a stand-out print will never steer you wrong. A classic, crisp button-down lends itself perfectly to a geometric print, which easily be pairs with jeans or tailored slacks.

Three collared shirts featuring geometric patterns folded neatly and laid flat on a blue background.

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