About us

Trunk Club was started to solve a simple problem: Building a great wardrobe is hard. We make it easier by connecting people with personal stylists, online or in person at one of our six Clubhouses. As a Nordstrom company, we combine top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to help people build their best wardrobes.


A couple of well-dressed friends in Chicago wanted to make shopping simpler for men who hated to shop. Thus, Trunk Club Men’s Outfitters was born, and stylists hand packed Trunks from our Chicago office.

Trunk Club hires its first sales person and expanded to serve clients in person at our first Clubhouse in Chicago at 311 W. Superior Street. The New York Times tries Trunk Club and calls the service “revolutionary.” We celebrate and continue to hone our service.

Thanks to a successful round of funding, Trunk Club begins to invest in its sales team and other key functions.

Trunk Club outgrows its space on Superior Street in downtown Chicago and moves to its current location at 325 W. Ohio Street. We promote our first stylists to leadership positions (spoiler alert: they go on to run our Los Angeles, and Chicago Clubhouses). Trunk Club launches a custom clothing service for men, giving them the ability to purchase custom designed and measured clothing. The Trunk Club team grows to 100 employees!

Trunk Club launches its mobile app, giving customers another communication vehicle through which they can connect with their stylist. We also open our first Clubhouse in Dallas, Texas.

Trunk Club sees an opportunity to serve our customers in-person and opens three brick-and-mortar Clubhouse locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Trunk Club catches the attention of Nordstrom. They see the clear value in this service and acquire Trunk Club, welcoming us into the Nordstrom family.

Trunk Club continues to expand: we ditch Men’s Outfitters from our name and open our service to women, we open a New York City Clubhouse, and our team grows to more than 1000 people.

Trunk Club opens its Boston clubhouse, our parent company Nordstrom expands its loyalty program to include Trunk Club.