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Trunk Club: Reviving the Art of Dressing Well

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Brett McKay, founder of Art of Manliness, on why he loves Trunk Club:

"I'm admittedly not the most style-savvy guy (that's why I have an actual style expert write our style articles on the Art of Manliness!), so pulling together a good-looking outfit definitely isn't my forte. Also, with my business, family, and community responsibilities, I just don't have the time to browse catalogs or visit stores to figure out what to wear. That's why I was really excited to hear about Trunk Club.

My experience with Trunk Club has been great.

Opening a new trunk feels like Christmas morning—you're excited to see what the style elves packed for you. When I told my personal style consultant that I needed something for a public speaking engagement in front of a bunch of high-profile brand managers and tech moguls, she put together a perfect outfit for me. It definitely gave me a boost of confidence when I made my presentation.

If style makes you scratch your head and / or you're pressed for time, I recommend checking out Trunk Club. It takes all the guesswork out of becoming a dapper dude."

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Your trunk will arrive about a week after you talk to your stylist. Keep what you like, and ship the rest back for free.

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a service that provides guys with great clothes, minus the hassle of traditional shopping. After your first trunk arrives at your door, you'll have 10 days to try everything on. Keep what you love, and send back the rest, with free shipping both ways. You only pay for the clothes you keep. There are no other costs to membership.